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Total Recall

Ever have something slip your mind? An appointment with a red-hot prospect, the name of a business contact you met yesterday, or where you put the keys to your safe deposit box?

The entrepreneur with a razor-sharp memory, says Harry Lorayne, co-author of the bestselling The Memory Book (Ballantine Books Inc., $10, 800-726-0600), will easily prevail over the competition.

"When a client wants fast and accurate information, who's he going to be most impressed by--the businessperson who says `I'll get back to you', or the person who has the facts and figures at his fingertips?" asks Lorayne. "If you want the edge in business, develop a better memory." For starters, try these techniques:

  • Write it down. Whether planning your day or developing key points to discuss with your banker, commit your thoughts to paper or a computer file. Making lists clears your mind to concentrate on other tasks and gives you a record of what needs to be done.
  • Use technology. Call your office voice mail and leave yourself a message. Invest in a pocket-sized personal digital assistant; these high-tech organizers let you store and track information such as phone numbers, schedules and lists. Back at the office, computer databases can help you compile and track information you use regularly.
  • Practice association. Do you recognize the person's face but can't remember his name? Associate his name with something totally unrelated. "A boot reminds you of Italy. The phrase `Every good boy does fine' reminds you of the notes of a musical scale. It's one thing reminding you of another," says Lorayne. So when you meet a new member of your leads group, tell yourself "Jack reminds me of my cousin Jack because they both drive red sports cars."
  • Build your listening skills. Your memory might be slipping because you weren't listening in the first place. Give your full attention to the task at hand.
  • Relax. Don't feel guilty when you forget something. Practice deep breathing or listen to soothing music. Relaxing will jog your memory.

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