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A truth-is-stranger-than-fiction look at classic sales blunders . . .and how the pros recover from the errors of their ways.

When did you make your most recent sales blunder? Did it happen when you were closing in on a key sale and the product you were demonstrating suddenly exploded all over you? You forgot the name of your product? You forgot the name of your customer?

We all make gaffes, and when we do, we wish we could disappear into a hole in the floor. But the best salespeople find a way to recover. They know how to turn a blown sale around, and they invariably walk away having learned a lesson that will help them close many more sales.

Skeptical? Read on for true stories of sales blunders committed by Tom Hopkins, Nido Qubein, Barbara Geraghty and other top achievers. You'll probably laugh as you read some of their stories. But the lesson is that everybody makes horrible mistakes--it's the winners who still manage to close the deal.

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