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Should you opt for a Macintosh over a PC? That depends on what you want.

Macintosh or PC? That is the question: whether 'tis better to stick with Apple Computer or to suffer the slings and arrows of Microsoft Windows and contribute even more to Bill Gates' outrageous fortune.

Our apologies to Shakespeare, but many thousands of homebased business owners now face a serious decision: Should they switch to IBM-compatible PCs? Is the Macintosh an overpriced, dead-end technology, soon to be relegated to the dustbin of history? What reasons are there for staying with the Mac--and perhaps even buying more, if you need them--to help manage a growing business?

In fact, the Mac is not dead--not by a long shot--and it won't be anytime soon. And despite the PC's very real dominance, there are many sound reasons, both financial and technical, for sticking with Apple's machine as your primary business computer. There are even some good reasons for choosing the Mac as your first computer, if that's the decision you're faced with making. There are some good reasons for switching to a PC, too. It all depends on what you need to accomplish with your computer and how integral you expect it to be, whatever its brand, to your business.

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