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Big-Time Storage

By G. David Doran

Homebased business owners can now use the same logistics, warehousing and distribution system as larger companies such as Sun Microsystems Inc. and Estée Lauder Cosmetics. Transportation, distribution and logistic services company Associated Global Systems (AGS), based in New Hyde Park, New York, gives businesses of any size a cost-effective alternative to leasing warehouses, hiring the workers to run them, and setting up a sophisticated logistics system to monitor inventory.

Associated Global's Corporate Distribution Management program allows businesses to store their goods at one or more of the company's 400 warehouses and helps create a routing guide to determine the most efficient and least costly method of shipment from the warehouse to a final destination, even if it's overseas. Depending on the level of service necessary, AGS will either make the delivery itself or arrange to use another carrier of the customer's choice. The company handles all the relevant inventory and distribution paperwork and provides "pick and pack" services as well as any other preparation the shipment requires.

For high-tech businesses, AGS offers its PartStock program. The company has a network of 150 part depots that maintains computerized inventory records that a client business can access at any time. AGS can also utilize its worldwide distribution network to fulfill many types of customer service contracts.

Both the Corporate Distribution Management and PartStock programs are completely customizable so customers can choose to use any or all of the company's services. AGS has a wide variety of other value-added programs, including Retail Merchandising Services, which specializes in installing and maintaining point-of-sale displays in retail stores and Logistics Support Services, where AGS employees will install, repair or replace high-tech equipment on behalf of the client company.

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