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A handy service that allows you to design your own business cards, letterhead, rubber stamps and other items has shown up on the Web. It's called iPrint, and it's at

Say you need some business cards printed up. First, you choose one of several dozen layouts. You can select from a broad menu of graphics, too. You can change the size and design of the type fonts, or reposition any line of type or graphic to your heart's content--and as often as you want. After you make each change, iPrint's computer redraws your card and shows you on its Web page exactly how your card will look in finished form. Once you're done designing, the service asks how many cards you want, takes your credit card information, and ships the cards by UPS within a few days. The company's rates are quite competitive, even with mailing charges included, but the see-before-you-buy feature is what really hooked us.

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