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Advertising is probably the trickiest area for the homebased business owner who has never written a line of copy. Here are some simple tips to help you write the most important part of an ad: the headline.

  • Offer a benefit. Save your customers money, time, energy--something. Readers should know immediately why they should be interested in your product or service.
  • The shorter the better--most of the time. Except in rare cases, keep the headline short to grab prospects' attention. Definitely keep it under 20 words.
  • Make the message simple. Focus on one benefit in the headline (two, at the most). Explain the rest of the benefits in the copy.
  • Know your audience. The headline should be targeted to a specific audience, not so broad and bland that it means nothing to the people you're trying to reach.
  • Avoid using all capital letters. As a rule, they're tougher to read. The same is true with fancy type. Unless it's critical to making a point, don't use strange fonts.
  • Make it provocative. Be certain there's a reason for prospects to keep reading. A headline should grab attention and be so compelling that your prospects will want to read the rest of the ad.

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