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Homebased business owners are perfectly poised to take advantage of a booming phenomenon: online education. Whether you need help developing a business plan or want to earn your MBA, learning about business has never been so convenient.

"Just hop online, and you're in the classroom," says David Wing, owner of Retail Advisors (, a 10-year-old Mesa, Arizona, company that offers live, interactive business workshops via its Web site.

New York City communications consultant Jacqueline Gikow says participation is key to getting the most from your online education. "Don't be a passive student," Gikow advises. "Do the reading, and complete the assignments. If the class has a live, online meeting, attend it. If it's an independent study [course], stay in touch with the instructor. If you don't understand something, ask questions."

Other resources for virtual classes include these:

  • On AOL, go to keywords "online campus."
  • Ohio University College of Business offers an "MBA Without Boundaries"; visit
  • University of Phoenix offers an online degree program; visit
  • Women's University offers many business classes, such as "Bring Your Business To Life"; visit
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