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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Profit from: greeting cards, cookware, T-shirts.

Christmas greetings may come and go, but personalized cards for National Pickle Week make customers sit up and take notice! CardSenders, an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based company whose 137 licensees help companies make connections with their customers and employees, delivers customized cards for every occasion--birthdays, Thanksgiving and, you guessed it, National Pickle Week.

"We all like to be recognized as individuals," says Robert Boverie, the company's vice president and co-owner. "In today's economy, with the Internet, fax machines and e-mail, it's advantageous for businesses to use personalized greeting cards to show they really care."

CardSenders licensees sell their services to local businesspeople, then use company software to create cards and mail them on designated days. Cards include individual business logos and signatures as well as special messages designed with the help of licensees. While the financial community is the company's largest market segment, licensees do mailings for a variety of businesses, including real estate agents, automobile dealers and dentists.

You can get started with CardSenders' introductory training period for an investment of $6,900 to $8,500, depending on which program you choose. Additional costs include a computer and office equipment for your home. CardSenders provides toll-free support for your first year in business and holds an annual convention. For further information, call (800)?43-6055 or visit

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