How To: Find Suppliers

Suppliers' Demands

To maintain good relationships with suppliers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always pay on time.
  • Discuss vendors' needs and methods of doing business.
  • If a vendor or service provider isn't meeting your expectations, discuss it immediately.
  • Seek suppliers' suggestions.
  • When you're the customer, act the way your best customers do.
  • Strive to give suppliers enough time to do a great job.
  • When you find a good vendor, be loyal.
  • Understand vendors' need to make a profit.
  • Avoid unreasonable demands.

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Contact Sources

Behind Your Front Door Inc.,

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Energy $aver$ of America, (800) 349-4756, (504) 868-4756,

Heart Enterprises, 101 Sharon Wy., Roseville, CA 95678,

Kitchen and Bath Distributors Inc., (301) 735-7040

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