Tough Customers


These books can help you figure out what to do when your customer isn't right:

  • Knock Your Socks Off Answers, by Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke (Amacom, $15.95, 800-250-5308), offers calm, intelligent ways to respond to customers who make your blood boil.
  • Calming Upset Customers, by Rebecca Morgan (Crisp Publications, $10.95, 800-442-7477), shows you how to work through conflicts with customers and maintain a calm work environment.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Business, by Dru Scott (Crisp Publications, $10.95, 800-442-7477), describes the people skills needed to defuse anger, avoid complaints and handle difficult situations with customers.

Contact Sources

Dru Scott Associates, (415) 750-1313, fax: (415) 752-7362

Eagle Mountain, (800) 391-2254,

Grand Oriental Chinese Restaurant, fax: (513) 677-3221

Morgan Seminar Group, (800) 247-9662,

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