Home Invasion

Before anyone crosses your threshold, make sure you know what you're in for. Learn how to hire right.

Stacks of paperwork crowd your desk like high-rises. The phone never seems to stop ringing. On your desk, a photo reminds you that you have a family--but you've hardly seen them in days. You're juggling four projects and are considering taking on a fifth. You need help!

At the same time, you're not sure you're ready to make the transition from "self-employed" to "employer." On the practical side, the transition would mean having to deal with additional accounting tasks: payroll, taxes, benefits and insurance. On the personal side, hiring means bringing someone into your home to interact not only with you and your clients but also with your spouse, your kids and your dog. The thought of making it all work may seem even more intimidating than handling your workload by yourself. Not to worry--other homebased entrepreneurs have managed, and so can you.

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