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If you've gone to great lengths to give your home office style, chances are you think your PC is an eyesore.

Finally, there's another option. That's because in March, Beverly Hills, California-based Oberhofer Hand-Crafted Computers launched an innovative line of computer hardware, with the exterior of each piece made of natural hardwood.

The flat-panel monitor, at 14 inches, boasts space-saving LCD technology, and the mouse is wireless. The keyboard features Windows 95 keys, and all pieces are PC compatible and Mac adaptable.

Although these products are heavier than typical pieces of hardware, they're better-looking, too: Wood choices range from cherry to mahogany. Currently, the products are sold by retailers such as Neiman Marcus. Costs: monitor, $4,995; keyboard, $650; and mouse, $350. For more information, call (888) 557-7786.

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