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It sounds retro, but don't shut out the possibility of door-to-door sales, even if you only sell to other companies. In fact, door-to-door selling is a crucial skill that can help virtually any homebased business. Following are some tips on how to do it best:

  • First, just do it. Cathy Metry, who runs her promotional advertising company, AD XL Promotions Inc., out of her home in suburban Detroit, says this is one of a salesperson's biggest obstacles. "People have to face the challenge of getting out there and calling on businesses," she says. "The lack of confidence and commitment is what holds people back."
  • Be a good listener. Metry's company's primary sales tool is door-to-door selling. She says to be successful, you have to listen very carefully to prospects. When knocking on doors cold, being a good listener lets you know how to adjust your pitch--and when you're becoming too
  • Don't just leave something. Go to businesses with a specific idea in mind: to tell them exactly why your product or service can help them. If you go into a store or office and just drop off literature with a clerk or receptionist, it will probably be tossed out.
  • There are no good or bad times to get out there. Metry says it's a myth to think there are certain times you should or shouldn't do door-to-door selling.
  • Learn to handle rejection. It's a big part of sales--and a bigger part of selling door-to-door. Realize you'll lose more often than you'll win, and don't take it personally.
  • Remain professional. Door-to-door selling may not bring to mind the image of the highly professional salesperson, but be sure you're the model of one. Be aggressive without being obnoxious, dress professionally, don't overstay your welcome, and don't ever sound desperate.

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AD XL Promotions Inc., 36250 Dequindre, #330, Sterling Heights, MI 48310, (810) 264-4246.

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