Top Weekend Getaways for Entrepreneurs

If you want to catch a Broadway musical or ride a mule down the Grand Canyon, you don't need us to suggest that. But if you want a memorable, relaxing weekend and are stuck for ideas, we have more than a few.

So you say you don't have time to take a vacation. That you're too busy running the ship while your crew sails off on cruises and drives to theme parks and relaxes at vacation resorts. It's not your thing, you say--the business would fall apart if you were away.

Maybe you're right: You know your business better than anyone else. Still, you're only human, and all of us can use a break every now and then. And while we understand you might not have time for a long vacation, you still need some time away to refresh and recharge, so why not take a weekend trip? A quick three-day outing--or at least an overnighter? Either way, if you're open to recharging, no matter where you live or what your personality type, there's some weekend wonderment out there tailor-made for you. We're just sure of it.

And, no, nobody paid us to put these places on this list--we wish!--this is just a gathering of great getaways we selected at random. It's been designed to inspire you to go anywhere, be it to one of the following destinations, or even your Aunt Martha's.

So check out our top weekend getaways for entrepreneurs--and don't forget to send us a postcard.


The place: Bear Mountain State Park in Bear Mountain, New York

The personality: For the nature-minded entrepreneur

Why go here: If you're trying to escape the cement jungle of New York City, this place is conveniently located 42 miles from the edge of Gotham. It's a popular place--more people come here than visit Yellowstone because of it's geographic distance from the Big Apple--and there's a good reason it's well-liked: It's got some of the most breathtaking and beautiful scenery in the U.S. You'll see mountain range after mountain range--the Appalachian Trail passes through here, after all--and the Hudson River lumbers through the valley. Trees, not billboards and panhandlers, are everywhere you look. It's a remarkably calming place, especially if you calm yourself down in the historic Bear Mountain Inn overlooking Hessian Lake. You can go to the Bear Mountain Zoo, visit the adjacent Harriman State Park, hike for miles, swim, bike and boat. If you need to get away without getting too far away, this is a sure bet.


If you want to go somewhere else in the region: Affluent entrepreneurs may want to consider the Kennebunkport Inn ( in Kennebunkport, Maine. Its 49 guest rooms are near shopping, dining, historic sites and the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Nostalgic entrepreneurs may want to head to Salem, New Hampshire, and check out Canobie Lake Park (, a relatively small, family-friendly amusement park that's been around for 104 years, featuring 85 rides, a water park, a hand-painted antique carousel and an authentic steam train.


The place: Jekyll Island, off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia

The personality: For the island-loving entrepreneur

jekyll_islandWhy go here: If you've always dreamed of vacationing on an island paradise, this is the place. Only 35 percent of the island is developed, meaning that migratory birds still flock here, and you can find sea turtles roaming about and hermit crabs crawling on the beach. The island has plenty of "civilization," too--there are eight hotels here, including national chains like the Days Inn, as well as restaurants and shops--but you won't find a single street packed with Wal-Marts, McDonalds or Starbucks. Instead, you'll find that you can fish, horseback ride, bike along 20 miles of trails, boat or just collapse on the beach. And if you decide to take this island vacation, you'll be joining a long line of successful entrepreneurs who also traveled here to bask in paradise: Numerous 19th-century millionaire entrepreneurs used to vacation here, including Joseph Pulitzer, William K. Vanderbilt and J.P. Morgan.

If you want to go somewhere else in the region: If you've got money to burn, consider Amelia Island off the coast of Florida, an upscale vacation destination, where you'll find spas, golf courses, unspoiled and uncrowded beaches, and fine food. If you're looking for southern hospitality, there's nowhere more southern than Savannah, Georgia (, a city shaded by massive historic oak trees, azaleas, crepe myrtles and palm tree. If this city's mansions don't charm the socks off you, the brick walkways and park benches will. Like a trip back in time, you may find yourself looking around for Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates.

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Geoff Williams has written for numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, Consumer Reports, LIFE and Entertainment Weekly. He also is the author of Living Well with Bad Credit.

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