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Deck The Halls

Holiday cheer, Web watch.

Feeling left out of the holiday excitement just because you work at home? Don't mope--join the celebration! It will lift your spirits and have a positive impact on your business. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Get festive. String a few lights. Steam some potpourri. Perch a tree on top of a bookcase. Download a holiday-themed screen saver. Gift-wrap a few boxes, and pile them in a corner. Welcome yourself to work each morning with a little holiday music.
  • Throw a party. Depending on the size of your home, you may want to stage an open house for your customers or a simple gathering for other homebased colleagues.
  • Give yourself gifts. These rewards, for all the effort you've put into your business this year, cost nothing: Take an hour or a day off (or just sleep in one weekday morning); treat yourself to special holiday snacks--hot cider and a cookie, for example; learn new software that will make your life easier; take a long lunchtime walk or get some other exercise; write yourself a congratulatory letter and pin it on your wall (list all your accomplishments this year and your expectations for 1999); take at least half an hour a day to read something for pleasure; or go online to chat, just for fun.
  • Give unto others. It's easy to become a bit self-centered when you work from home, especially if your business doesn't require interacting with very many people. So this holiday season, take advantage of your flexible schedule and volunteer a few hours a week at your favorite charity. Make that your gift to the community that's supported your business all year long.

Lynn H. Colwell is a business writer in Post Falls, Idaho.

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