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Advertising that's fatal.

There is life after death--for advertising campaigns, that is. Although arbiters of good taste may disagree, "The Advertising Graveyard" Web site is a funny, irreverent resurrection of marketing misfires. Consider it a guilty pleasure for those constantly wondering which sales pitches play--and, just as crucially, which ones do not--in today's marketplace.

Found at , "The Advertising Graveyard" features such dead-on-arrival spots as a "Plot Does Matter" advertisement for the upcoming Star Wars prequel, which spoofs this summer's monster Godzilla promotional push. (You know, the one that insisted size is what matters.)

Other campaigns buried in "The Advertising Graveyard" include some pretty dark-humored spots for the mega-successful Beatles anthology series as well as the unlikely use of two 1970s-era TV cops (that's right--Ponch and Jon are back!) hawking electronics equipment.

Campy, ghoulish and tweaking the boundaries of propriety, it's no wonder this graveyard is attracting so much morbid curiosity.

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This article was originally published in the December 1998 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: DOA.

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