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Even the world's best marketing strategy won't work for you if it's not well-planned, and the best way to do that is to develop a customized work sheet for each client. Here's how to start:

1. List each company's top executives, products, and services. Make sure your marketing effort is aimed at the right individual.

2. Describe the products or services that you think best apply to each client. This is not a sales forecast but rather a listing of products you think can best help his or her business.

3. Make a list of your competitors. Include their products and any marketing programs they have. If they use fliers, advertisements and so on, list them and, if possible, the dates they appeared.

4. Write down the marketing plan you've use for each client. If you send anyone literature, be sure to include the date and result. Was a purchase made? Was there a request for more information? Did someone call? If no action was taken, note that, too.

5. Keep track of your marketing costs per client or prospect.

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