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Pairing Up

To provide consumers with the power to network their PCs, IBM is offering network capability in three new models of its home office computers. Now, when combined with an optional Ethernet networking card, the E2N, E3N and E5D models in IBM's popular Aptiva line can share printers and files with other PCs.

In addition to the new networking capabilities, these models come with fast communications features: They all boast 56K modems and quick Internet access via IBM's Rapid Access keyboard.

IBM's Aptiva E3N ($999) contains an AMD-K6-2 300 MHz processor, a 100 MHz bus, 64MB SDRAM, a 6GB hard drive, a 32X CD-ROM drive and 4MB video memory. All three models are available through retail outlets nationwide or through IBM Consumer Direct (800-426-7235 x4340). For more information, visit www.us.pc.ibm.com/aptiva

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