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Digital cameras aren't just for photographers and graphic artists. Increasingly, these high-tech cameras are finding their way into the home office because of their versatility, high quality and ease of use. For example, if you need to visually communicate something--anything--to a client or employee, using a digital camera can be a quick, easy way to capture an image and send it via modem. Moreover, digital cameras are great if you create brochures, newsletters or Web pages yourself. A digital camera lets you download a photo image directly to your PC in minutes, as compared to the hours or even days it would take to shoot, develop and scan your photos.

One digital camera to consider: the all-new QV-770 from Casio. The QV-770 ($399) has a high-definition 350,000-pixel Charge Coupled Device (CCD) for fairly high-quality image output. It also has a new 122,100-pixel, 1.8-inch TFT LCD monitor so you can view clear, sharp images directly on the camera. That way, you know if the photos you've just taken are satisfactory.

Other features of the QV-770 include a panorama option for creating 360-degree panorama pictures; a minimovie feature for capturing motion and viewing it on the built-in screen, on your home page or on your TV (using the additional software included); and 4MB built-in flash memory for storing up to 120 images at a time.

One major downfall of the QV-770 is that it lacks zoom capabilities. So, if you need to get good close-ups or fine detail in a picture when shooting from far away, this camera may not be for you.

The QV-770 comes bundled with a variety of useful software, including QV-Link for your PC to communicate with the camera, Adobe PhotoDeluxe to edit images, Spin Photo to view all sides of an image, and PictureFun! image-correction software. For more information, visit www.casio.com/digitalimaging

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