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Dirt buildup in and on computer equipment is a major cause of equipment failure. Dust, grime and other contaminants can get inside computer components and contribute to crashes. Regularly cleaning your equipment with the proper supplies sharply reduces the chances of having unexpected equipment failures.

The Kensington Cleaning System from Kensington Technology Group is a comprehensive line of cleaning products designed to increase your equipment's longevity. The product line contains a variety of nifty products, including surface cleaners, air dusters, drive cleaners and machine maintenance supplies, to keep your equipment squeaky clean. There's a Dust Blaster ($8.95) to blast dust out of crevices and hard-to-reach spots like in between computer keys; cleaning wipes ($6.95 for 60 sheets) to help eliminate dust and static electricity on computer equipment and monitors--even laser printer cleaning sheets ($10.45 for 12 sheets) to sharpen your print quality by removing dust, dirt and extra toner from the paper path.

What's really neat is that, in addition to cleaning products, each package also comes with a photo of the product in use, easy-to-follow instructions and informational material explaining equipment failures and proper preventative maintenance. Visit ,www.kensington.com for more details.

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