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Just when you thought your 56K modem was fast, there's a new modem that works at roughly twice the speed. Based on the V.90 modem standard, Diamond Multi-media Systems' SupraSonic II dual-line modem ($200) doubles speed by using two phone lines instead of one, allowing you to receive data at a rate of up to 112 Kbps.

Diamond's "Shotgun" technology bonds two phone lines together, increasing the bandwidth potential of a modem's transmission speed (two phone lines required). You can surf the Net at warp speed, and if the modem detects an incom-ing or outgoing call, it releases the second phone line without interrupting your Internet session.

The Shotgun software comes bundled with the new SupraExpress 56K V.90 modem, allowing compatibility with other manufacturer's modems for additional bandwidth over two analog phone lines. Exist-ing SupraExpress 56K cus-tomers can download a free Shotgun software upgrade at www.diamondmm.com/shotgun

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