The Amazing PC

Booting Up

Here are some additional ways to boost business with your new best friend--your PC:

*Select Phone (Windows 95 and Macintosh System 7.1, $199, from Pro CD Technologies publishes residential and business phone listings in the United States.

*Xerox's Pagis Pro 2.0 (Windows 95 and 98, $99, offers four products for scanning and manipulating photographs and data: Pagis to scan and file items, TextBridge Pro 98 OCR software to turn paper into PC documents, MGI PhotoSuite to edit and manipulate photos, and Pagis Copier to turn your scanner and color printer into a color copier.

*Adobe PageMill 3.0 (Windows 95 and 98, $99, Macintosh, price not available, from Adobe Systems can help you build a professional Web presence. Key features include drag-and-drop editing, integrated Web site management and advanced page layout.

*Eudora Pro Email 4.0 (Windows 95 and Macintosh, $39, from Qualcomm offers excellent e-mail management features. Eudora Pro has a completely customizable interface, an e-mail filtering feature to automatically identify and organize your e-mail messages, and secure encryption capabilities.

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