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Creating a corporate identity isn't the only thing you can do on your own. Professional sales presentations are also no longer limited to companies with large budgets. Today, the majority of companies both large and small use inexpensive presentation programs to produce eye-catching multimedia presentations with audio, graphics, text and video.

One of the most popular presentation programs is Microsoft PowerPoint 97 ($339; If you're short on time, no problem. You can choose from 50 new templates with pre-created formatting and text; just customize the information, and you've created an attractive presentation in less than an hour. Today's programs also have features that allow you to show your presentation on the Internet. For instance, PowerPoint 97 contains a Save As HTML wizard to automatically convert PowerPoint files into HTML allowing you to share them with anyone who has a Web browser.

Features like these give you the power to build presentations quickly and show them in a variety of ways. More important, they're inexpensive tools that help you sell products, explain vital messages and make your business stand out in the crowd.

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