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The Rx Files

Our yearlong look at an herbal pharmacy's start-up

Your best pal just ditched a posh MIS job in favor of offering computer consulting from home, and your cousin started a coffee-bakery. So you're thinking now might be the time to step into your proprietary pants and give it a go. After all, they're doing it--why can't you? Perhaps fear of failure is holding you back.

The pages of this magazine tell copious success stories. But you want to know the nit and grit--the hard truth behind "getting there." Well, we've got what you're looking for. "Real Life" will follow one entrepreneur through his first year of business, for a behind-the-scenes look at the steps to success. This month, we'll reveal the concept he hopes will spark like wildfire. In coming installments, we'll tell you how he started, where he got the money to do it, how he picked a location and the "learning experiences" (as we like to call them) he encounters along the way.

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