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For more information on becoming a business coach, check out the following web sites:

  • Coaches Online Forum: Sponsored by The Coaches Training Institute in Mill Valley, California, this interactive forum between coaches and would-be coaches is a great place to get a variety of questions answered.
  • Coach University is the nation's largest coach training center.
  • The International Coach Federation is a nonprofit, professional organization of coaches that sponsors seminars, a newsletter and other learning and networking opportunities for coaches.

Basic Training

To succeed as a business coach:

  1. Have a network of people to draw upon for knowledge, contacts, referrals and support.
  2. Don't depend solely on your clients for your next paycheck. Have a reserve of money or a day job to rely on at first.
  3. Develop a business plan and follow it from day one.
  4. Establish a niche.
  5. Start by practicing on three to five friends for a modest fee (or free) before hanging out your shingle as a professional.

Jennifer Haupt, based in Bellevue, Washington, has written for such publications as Nation's Business, Bloomberg Business News and Washington CEO.

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