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Does the concept of doing less while you accomplish and earn more seem like a fantasy? It's not, insists Jennifer White, president of The JWC Group, a success coaching firm in Cincinnati, and author of Work Less, Make More (Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co.). The key, she says, is in duplication, which she defines as "finding others who have your strengths, personality and brilliance, and who do parts of your job as well or better than you." Those "others" can be either human beings or technological tools.

"The big mistake people make is believing that delegating and duplicating are the same," says White. "Delegating is about taking your weaknesses--or things you don't want to do--and giving them to someone else. Duplication is about finding someone or something to do the exact thing you're good at--what I call your brilliance--to duplicate your efforts."

Document the various processes you go through to accomplish your objectives, such as how you bring a new customer on board or how you deliver a particular product or service. Then fine-tune each process by repeating it in the exact same way, over and over. "Once you understand the process and exactly what happens at each step, you can teach someone else to do it or you can automate it," White says. "Duplication works if you think not just [about duplicating] people, but the process you go through to get things done as well."

Technology often helps entrepreneurs achieve duplication, White says. Look for ways to automate portions of what you're currently doing. Consider hiring a technology consultant to observe how you work and help you develop methods to duplicate yourself with computers and other equipment.

White says duplication is especially useful to homebased business owners. "You can actually go on vacation and trust that everything is being taken care of because someone or something as good as you is doing the work," White says. "You can get rid of the guilt you feel when you leave the office, because you know things are being done the right way."

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