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It Takes A Village

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If you were running your business 25 miles from where you live, you wouldn't give a second thought to hiring people to help you run your home . . . or your business. You wouldn't give up a day's work and perhaps a handsome commission to stay home waiting for the carpet cleaners. Nor would you scrimp on having the technical support you need to keep your computer system up and running if it were the heart of your operation.

Why, then, do some people treat themselves differently when they run a business from their home?

If you're tired of being so self-sufficient and are contemplating hiring help, you're probably asking yourself this question: Is it worth it to pay for people whom you have to manage when one of the reasons you're running your business from home is to simplify your life? Most certainly, says Jennifer White, president of The JWC Group, a Cincinnati success coaching firm, and author of Work Less, Make More (Kendall/Hunt Publishing). If you focus on what's important to you --regarding your business and your personal life--you'll get more pleasure out of and be more successful with both.

White calls this hired help the "support team, not the sabotage team." To her, a support team is composed of people who support you and what you're trying to do. They're the people who allow you to focus on your top priorities by taking over your other responsibilities. "If you spend 80 percent of your time focused on things you do well and enjoy, your business will be profitable," White says. "When people stick to that ratio, they have no problem integrating their home and personal lives with their businesses."

Patricia Schiff Estess is a contributing writer to Entrepreneurmagazine and the author of Kids, Money & Values (Betterway Press).

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