It Takes A Village

Help Wanted

Who are these "life helpers"? Every homebased business owner's list is different, of course, but some of the most important support people include:

*A child-care provider, for those with young children. The hand that uses the computer often can't be the one that rocks the cradle, too.

*A person to handle housekeeping. You want someone who has the same gusto while vacuuming and ironing that you have when working on a deal.

*An accountant or bookkeeper (or both, depending on the size of your business) who understands accounting isn't your forte or your primary interest and doesn't chastise you for not doing more of it. You'll need someone who's smart enough about your business to offer financial advice when needed.

*A technical support person who's on call when your computer crashes and lets you know what new programs have been released to help you operate more efficiently.

*An assistant who comes in on a regular, part- or full-time basis to do anything and everything you might need, including walking the dog, getting a mailing out or going shopping. This person understands that, for you, marketing doesn't mean going to the grocery store.

*A personal trainer, either at a gym or one who comes to your home, to help you keep you strong and physically fit.

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