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Crowded House

When you're running out of room, buy furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Home offices today range from closets to spare bedrooms to entire attics or basements. As a homebased business owner, you may long for the spacious office you left behind in the corporate environment or envy your neighbor's oversized, converted attic. But if your home office space is limited, take heart: Your office has the potential to be used more efficiently than your neighbor's ample digs--that is, provided you make better use of your space. It's not the size of your home office that matters; it's how well you make use of what you have.

Most home offices have more vertical (wall) space than horizontal (floor) space. Instead of trying to squeeze too many pieces of furniture into your home office, try using pieces that serve several functions. Whether you use an armoire, desk/computer workstation or updated rolltop desk, each piece should be functional when open and able to blend in with the rest of your home when closed.

Lisa Kanarek ( is a home office organizing expert and author of several books, including Organizing Your Home Office For Success (Blakely Press) and 101 Home Office Success Secrets (Career Press).

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