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A Matter Of Fax

If you're still unfamiliar with Internet faxing, here are a few reasons to look into it: Internet faxing reduces your transmission costs and fax hardware expenses, offers the convenience of faxing from your desktop, and lets you access your faxes from anywhere, at anytime.

If we've got your attention, then consider NetCentric's FaxStorm. Available through both local and national ISPs, FaxStorm lets you send faxes over the Internet from either an existing fax machine or your desktop PC. When sending a fax, the document is first encrypted, then sent to a FaxStorm server and routed to a destination fax machine or another computer as an e-mail attachment. To receive faxes, a private fax mailbox electronically captures your incoming faxes for downloading later.

Users can also take advantage of FaxStorm's advanced broadcast faxing capabilities to send faxes to as many as 2,000 recipients.

Although pricing differs, monthly access fees are typically about $4.95. To get started, you'll also pay a one-time setup fee of around $15; price-per-minute charges range from 10 to 19 cents.

For more information, visit or call NetCentric toll-free at (888) 767-9273 for help finding a local or national provider.

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