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Micheal Bledsoe, owner of E=MC2 Ltd., a Sacramento, California, total-solution provider for individual users, SOHOs and BROs (Branch Regional Offices), uses his own equipment to intentionally create the massive computer crashes his clients are likely to experience by piling software on their systems. In doing so, he needs strong utilities to repair the damage. "I have about every Symantec product," Bledsoe says. "I've been using Norton Utilities for more than 10 years; I used Norton AntiVirus prior to becoming a reseller."

Bledsoe tried other anti-virus products but prefers Norton for its ease of use, among other things. Bledsoe also likes Norton's broad range of virus definitions and automatic updates, which have saved him and his customers numerous times.

With the Norton disks and Windows 95 recovery disk, Bledsoe boasts he can recover from just about any desktop failure. And he should know--he starts his computer with 45 to 50 programs to pin-point problems. The drama increases when he's working on a customer's system: "You're trying to bring back data and charging a lot of money for it," says Bledsoe. "You're not sure it will come back up, but there it is."

Lately, Bledsoe has been recommending customers buy three products to save his time and their money: pcANYWHERE, Norton AntiVirus and Stack Replica Version 3 (for NT). With those programs loaded, Bledsoe says, "I can get a completely crashed system back with three keystrokes."

Rebecca Frances Rohan has been a computer and Internet journalist since 1988. She is the author of Building Better Web Pages (AP Professional).

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