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It's hard to believe what $70 can buy--Norton SystemWorks 1.0, which has been pressed onto one CD-ROM, plus a Bonus Pack CD. With a single install, the main disk provides Norton Utilities 3.0, Norton AntiVirus 5.0, Norton CrashGuard 3.0 and Norton Web Services 3.1. The bonus CD contains Norton Mobile Essentials, Visual Page, WinFax Basic Edition, pcANYWHERE Express and Remove-It 98.

You can guess what Norton AntiVirus and CrashGuard do; Norton Utilities is a set of troubleshooting, monitoring and recovery tools. I installed Norton SystemWorks on a relatively clean system--a brand new motherboard and recently formatted drive with just Windows 95, a few necessities and several review programs. Norton found no less than 11 things to untangle and did so, keeping a history of the procedures. Other utilities: Norton Web Services and LiveUpdate Pro grab patches and updates from the Web; Norton Anti-Freeze helps after a frozen program forces the "three-fingered salute" (CTRL+ALT+DEL); Norton System Doctor monitors resources and alerts you to problems; and Norton SpeedStart cuts loading time for applications. There's more: Check it out for yourself at

Norton SystemWorks 1.0
Est. street price: $69.95
Requires: a 486/66 processor, Windows 95/98, 16MB RAM, 95MB hard-drive space, a 2x CD-ROM drive, a 256-color VGA display (a sound card is also recommended)

Symantec Corp.
(800) 441-7234

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