One-of-a-Kind Franchises to Start

Looking for a unique franchise experience? Look no further.

You're familiar with the burger shops, sandwich stands, cleaning services and auto repair garages of the franchise world, but did you know that there are franchises for fireworks shows, arm wrestling matches and cereal? If you don't like to just go with the flow, take a look at some franchises that stand out in categories all their own.

Trash to Cash

Franchise: 1-800-Got-Junk?

With a fleet of dump trucks, a crew of Junk Hunks (they said it, not me) and a sense of humor about hauling trash, 1-800-Got-Junk? will haul away what your garbage man won't. Franchising since 1998, the company calls itself "the world's largest junk removal service," and it is known for its fun-loving company culture.

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Mikey Likes It!

Franchise: Cereality

Tapping into a childhood fantasy, Cereality takes cereal out of your breakfast nook and into a new kind of fast-food franchise. Though the company's very new to the franchising game (it started offering franchises in 2006), it's garnered a lot of interest from those passionate about their breakfast food. Chief among its perks--going to work in your pajamas.

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Working in a Winter Wonderland

The Big Bang

Franchise: Lantis Fireworks & Lasers

For the entrepreneur who likes to play with fire (or more accurately, explosives) Lantis Fireworks & Lasers offers an opportunity to create a big bang--literally. Their fireworks and laser shows have been delighting crowds since 1945, and the company started selling franchises in 2003. Not too many other opportunities will give you a venue to please your inner pyromaniac.

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Glamour for Girls

Franchise: The Party Image

Complete with nail polish, makeup, hairdos and more, The Party Image is offering the under-17 crowd a chance to have a spa experience of their very own. The company believes in building girls' confidence and even once offered a "Self Esteem Summer Camp" at its original Round Rock, Texas, location, and their party packages provide an all-in-one service for parents who may need a spa day of their own.

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Feats of Strength

Franchise: World Championship Armwrestling

Have you met "The Enforcer"? This macho machine levels the arm wrestling playing field, keeps track of matches and provides space to sell advertising. It's also the centerpiece of World Championship Armwrestling's business model--The Enforcer travels to different venues for promotional events. And, hey, the right arm-to-arm match-up can even get you on TV.

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Pod People

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