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The Kids Are Alright

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With the rise of hidden cameras and other Mission Impossible devices, it seems society's sliding into a paranoid oblivion. But increasing levels of concern aren't all that unjustified when kids' safety is at stake. Luckily, Frank Wagner, 30, and Eric Foster, 31, owners of Online Video Communications Inc. (OVC) in Dallas, discovered the middle ground between going overboard and gaining peace of mind.

Wagner and Foster's nerve-calming solution, Watch-Me!, lets parents see their kids in child-care centers via cameras which, placed inside the center, send snapshots to the company's security-controlled Web site.

The partners met in 1994, in a part-time MBA program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Like many start-ups, OVC was born of an entrepreneurial class--but the idea for Watch-Me! had more to do with the fact that Wagner's wife was expecting their son around the time of incorporation. After building a business plan in the summer '96 class, the two raised $300,000 in start-up capital from angel investors and transformed their idea into a real-life project.

It's still just Wagner and Foster running the show. On any given day, one of them mans the office, while the other heads off to install a system or attend a trade show. Staying lean has helped the company become profitable, and the partners are content on their own--especially since Watch-Me! is fully-automated: "It's a beauty," says Wagner. "It turns itself on in the morning and shuts itself off at night."

But expect their workload to increase very soon (and not just because Wagner's wife had another baby in September). Though Watch-Me! is currently in 26 child-care centers spanning eight states, as soon as OVC finds expansion capital, the partners plan to "staff up" and grow their center count.

Does all this talk of growing and children make Foster long for the sound of little footsteps? "No, not yet," quips Wagner. "He's afraid."

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