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Prevent lost causes by hiring intelligently--what Richard Hadden, an employee relations consultant in Jacksonville, Florida, calls "hiring for fit." That means looking beyond qualifications and experience to traits such as being adventurous and flexible.

"Many people have the entrepreneurial spirit, but lack the capital to start their own businesses," Hadden notes. "They would welcome the opportunity to help make your [company] a success. It satisfies their drive to be creative and live on the edge."

Make it clear at the interview that your company can't provide the security of the typical mega-corporation. Emphasize that you can't provide lots of perks and benefits. Let the applicant know this is not just a "put in your 40 hours and go home" kind of job, but it will be exciting and fulfilling; they'll take part in creating a successful company from scratch. Being honest upfront, says Hadden, is the best way to find what you need: employees who'll do whatever it takes to make your business succeed.

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