Dead Or Alive

Why buy insurance?

Want to live a horror movie? Just imagine you suffer a terrible accident--maybe in a car, perhaps a freak deal where a surfboard collides at full speed with your head--that leaves you not all there mentally. Sound grim? It could get a lot worse if you don't have disability insurance, which puts real money in your pocket to supplement the scant pennies Social Security gives the disabled.

Here's another bad scene: Just as your business is taking off, you die. Don't say it can't happen. It does, and lots of people can be left holding an empty bag. Do you have a spouse or significant other? Did anybody co-sign loans to help you start your business--maybe a parent, a cousin, a buddy from school? Check out, and they may be obligated to foot the payments on your loans.

There are simple and cheap steps you can take to prevent these horror movies from becoming reality. How cheap? In a quick Internet search, we swiftly found $1 million in term-life coverage for a 28-year-old nonsmoking woman for $320 per year--less than $1 per day. A 28 year-old male's policy cost $400. Not bad, huh?

Read on, and the arguments for buying at least some life and disability insurance get even stronger.

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