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Unlike older employees, students generally aren't seeking money, perks or promotions as their rewards. Rather, they want meaningful opportunities that'll help them learn and build their resumes before they graduate. "Students don't want a glorified administrative position. They don't want to lick envelopes or do filing. They want to be challenged," says Ken Rambers, co-founder of JobTrak Corp., an online student employment service. Of course, a certain amount of grunt work comes with every entry-level job, but make sure the job offers some challenging work as well.

Also be aware that students want (and need) more supervision, coaching and feedback than older employees. Don't leave a student worker alone in a back office with a pile of paperwork and expect him or her to plug away at it all afternoon. "[Students] need a clearly defined assignment," says Ramberg. "Meet with them regularly to make sure they're happy, fulfilled and doing [a good] job for you."

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