Animal House

Extra Credit

Helpful hints for college entrepreneurs, courtesy of Elliott Frutkin and Harry Schechter:

  • Separate lives: "Be very careful to keep a separation between your business and your social life, because it's very easy to hire the guys that live in the house [or dorm] with you--and it's probably a better idea not to," advises Frutkin.
  • Private meetings: The partners rented by-the-hour shared office space to protect their clients from the horrors of dorm and frat life--but their best clients enjoyed their real home office.
  • Wake-up call: "We would do client meetings early in the morning, from 9:00 to 10:00," says Frutkin. "I don't know where you went to school, but I don't know a fraternity guy who's up before noon or 1:00."
  • Dorm vs. frat: While the partners enjoyed the Internet connection Frutkin's dorm offered, they pre-ferred the frat. "We could have phone lines installed and packages delivered at the fraternity house," says Frutkin. "Instead of stacking four desks in a dorm room and each person's office being where they lived, [the frat house] gave us a little bit more room and flexibility."

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