That's Outrageous!

Spam It Up

Perhaps the most obnoxious online guerrilla marketing technique is spamming. So why are thousands of people actually signing up to receive e-mail advertisements at the BonusMail Web site (

"[With] BonusMail, consumers turn the tables on direct marketers, controlling the volume and type of e-mail offers they receive," says 27-year-old Steve Markowitz, CEO and co-founder of Intellipost Corp., the company behind BonusMail. In return for reading e-mail ads, BonusMail users receive points good for frequent flier miles and free products.

Strategic partnering is a big part of Markowitz's guerrilla marketing attack. Its board of advisors includes three of the world's largest direct marketing agencies. This year, he'll team with ISPs and free e-mail providers. The result? Intellipost has nearly 2 million users and has raised millions of dollars in venture capital.

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