6 Steps To Disaster Preparedness


Even if your business isn't located in Hurricane Luis territory or on the San Andreas Fault, disaster can still strike. Here are some tips on how to keep your business intact:

1. Chances are, you'll be without electricity, gas, water or telephone service when a disaster strikes your business. Choose one or more alternate work sites ahead of time, where you can receive supplies and meet with clients.

2. If you can't re-enter your business after a disaster, do you have enough cash to keep operating? Store several hundred dollars in small bills in a safe place and have your bank's phone number and your account numbers on hand, too.

3. If your phones are out of order, be ready to forward calls to a voice mail or temporary telephone reception site. Make certain the person answering the phone can clearly inform callers about your situation and let them know when you'll be back in operation.

4. Know how to shut off your water, gas and electricity.

5. Store drinking water, canned foods, plastic bags and other essentials, in case you and your employees need to be self-sufficient for several days after the disaster.

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