Anyone who has ever flown knows it’s not always a pleasant experience. Zero privacy and cramped seating make for less-than-ideal travel. Especially when said travel is a 10-hour flight.

While carriers such as Virgin pride themselves on offering mood lighting and comfier seats, the biggest carriers still have a bit of catching up to do. And it looks like American Airlines is doing just that, aiming to debut its newly retrofitted 777–200 cabins on international flights this fall.

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American was in Hamburg for the Aircraft Interiors Expo, where executives gave an audio-visual presentation of the new design to global travel news site Skift.


Lobby Bar

Image credit: American Airlines
The galley entry will be replaced with a lobby bar, which will have refreshments and snacks for business class passengers.

Business Class Seat

Image credit: American Airlines
With comfortable seat backs and privacy lighting, business passengers will be able to get work done without the fear of looky-loos peering over their shoulders.

Business Class Bed

Image credit: American Airlines
… Or if they’d rather sleep, they now have a cozy duvet to use.

Main Cabin Entertainment

Image credit: American Airlines
The main cabin (coach) will have access to the same entertainment options as business class, with large screens and power outlets. Legroom will be increased, but seats are anticipated to be slightly narrower than those today. However, the seatback incline will increase, according to American.

Business Class Aerial View

Image credit: American Airlines
“You spend so much time there [in an airplane], it’s your living room, it’s your dining room, it’s your bedroom, it’s your study. It should be like home,” said Alice Liu, managing director of onboard products for American Airlines, according to Skift.

Business Class Seat View

Image credit: American Airlines

The “sky-hotel” boasts lots of surface area so you don’t have to balance your laptop while you eat. Hallelujah.