22 Ways to Ramp Up Your Content-Marketing Strategy

Don’t be socially awkward. Treat your social networks as a way to engage with your audience. Content interactions are happening more and more within the social networking realm. Use your social networks to discuss your content and interact with your community.

Tip #15. Define your purpose on each social network. For example your purpose on Twitter may be to share discounts, news and tips while your purpose on Facebook may be to post article and discuss content.

Tip #16. Do not limit yourself to Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest, Google + and Instagram all have empirical evidence as to why companies should be using their networks. Diversify your social networking efforts.

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Tip #17. Be relevant on your social networks. Don’t use your networks to simply publish your articles are speak at your audience. Use your networks as a vehicle to engage and start conversations.

You don’t have to be a one-person band. Did you know 16 percent of companies say it’s their policy NOT to share third-party content? This doesn't make too much sense, when 32 percent of marketers feel they don’t produce enough content. Be prepared to open the doors to contributors from across the web to help produce awesome pieces for your brand.

Tip #18. Create guest posting guidelines on your site. Allow other expert and authorities to publish content on your site in the form of guest posts.

Tip #19. Develop partnerships with complimentary brands or companies to help produce content for your site. These partnerships should be mutually beneficial so remember to also provide value.

Stick with it. There will be a time when you want to give up on your content-marketing strategy. Don’t. Content-marketing results take time and often take months of consistent hard work.

Tip #20. Audit your strategies to determine what is working and what is not working. Eliminate actions that are not producing results.

Tip #21. Consult with experts if you’ve realized you can’t manage your own content-marketing efforts. Remember to use only the best.

Tip #22. Continue publishing quality, relevant content on a regular basis.

Content marketing is an incredible vehicle for companies to reach their customers, because it doesn’t feel like advertising. Follow these best practices and your company will be on its way to content-marketing success. 

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Bryan Lovgren is the founder of Pinetop Group a digital-marketing agency that specializes in content and video marketing. 
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