The Startup CEO's Ultimate Guide to Combating Stress & 'Silicon Valley Syndrome'

Joe Masiello

Joe Masiello is co-founder of Focus Integrated Fitness and the Focus Personal Training Institute in New York City. He is certified by The National Strength and Conditioning Association, The National Academy of Sports Medicine and The American Academy of Health and Fitness Rehabilitation Professionals. As a Medical Exercise Specialist, he collaborates with rehabilitation therapists. Here are his tips for the busy professional:

1. Become your own transportation. Give up traditional forms of transportation and walk, jog or cycle to work. If it’s too far, drive or take public transportation halfway and walk/jog/cycle the rest of the way.

2. Morning workout? Put your workout clothes before you check your e-mail. If you can fit an early morning workout in, get out of bed and put your workout clothes on BEFORE checking your e-mail or grabbing the morning paper.  It’s easy to get side tracked and pulled away by other things. This will help prepare you mentally to make exercise the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning.

3. Use the Urban StairMaster. Work in a building with more than one floor? Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Stairs are a great way to torch calories while increasing leg and core strength. A few stairs here and there quickly adds up throughout the day.

4. Sign yourself up for an race. A race or fitness even gives you a concrete goal to train for and will help keep you focused. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, even a 5 or 10k is enough to keep you from putting your workout on the back burner.

5. Find a workout buddy. You aren’t the only one at work that wishes they had more time to work out in the midst of a busy day. Studies have shown working out with a friend can help your adherence to a program. Find a workout partner in the office to train with during lunch and keep each other motivated.

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