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Father Knows Best

Business lessons from a business writer's dad . . . and what to pass on to the next generation

As a child, I remember my father always waking very early, quietly putting on his clothes and going off to work. To arrive in time to open his tiny clothing store at 8:30, he needed to leave our apartment at 7 a.m. After all, he had to take the Q17A bus to Jamaica Avenue, where he took the BMT train to Elder Avenue in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. The last leg was a six-block, rain-snow-or-shine walk through a neighborhood that smelled like a dumpster. Lesson learned: It ís very important to work. No excuses.

Marty Nemko is an Oakland, California-based SOHO and career consultant. He hosts Work with Marty Nemko on a National Public Radio affiliate in San Francisco, and writes a column that appears in the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Examiner/Chronicle. His latest book is Cool Careers for Dummies. Reach him at

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