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Working From The Wilderness

People say technology enables you to run a business anywhere. But is it really true? One writer tests the theory, using technology to run his business from a remote area in the mountains.

It's 3:00 a.m., and a snapping sound electrifies the crisp mountain air. There's definitely something out there. There it is again--closer. The ranger warned me about bears, but there had been no signs, no recent sightings--so what's right outside my tent? Try not to breathe so heavily, stay calm, don't move. Wham! The beam of my flashlight hits the deer broadside, and now two souls in the night have racing hearts. Did I really volunteer for this?

Over time, I've found you should be careful what you wish for, as your dreams may come true. In my case, the dream was to work out of my home. When a hostile corporate takeover put my management team, and my corporate career, out on the street in 1994, I took a shot at the home-office experience, and have been working that way ever since. Those of you who share this lifestyle know the peace of your own quiet space without a commute, and that working in your gym shorts is wonderful. But when the scenery never changes, those walls do start to close in on you. Even the best panorama, no matter how glorious, can be taken for granted and subsequently ignored.

The home office can also constrict you outside of work hours. I love working on my business projects and find that as soon as I become bored with "relaxing" or other such nonsense, the work calls me softly through the office door. When you're pressured, you can work around the clock. Your big event of the day is the round trip to the refrigerator. I'm a lawyer and I desperately need a change of venue.

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