Working From The Wilderness

Summing Up

September 1

When you're backpacking, every ounce counts and, as I stood next to my 56-pound pack with my cell phone in hand, a dilemma was born. Initially, my goal was to hike to a mountain summit at least once a day to prove that business can be accomplished nearly anywhere. I knew I had a maximum of two hours of talk time and then the phone might as well be a boat anchor. The concerns of my clients were covered, so I made a weighty business decision and locked the phone in the car. Not more than four paces away, it began to ring. Too late--my office is closed.

How many times have you dropped out of the monotony of your daily existence to gain an aerial view of your life? For me, the outpost office provided a glorious bond with the things I love. As technology continues to connect us, I believe society will morph. Working and living in a fresh environment clarifies the mind and creates the perfect opportunity to wonder what could be. So I spent my last day perched on a big rock nestled on the shores of an alpine lake while I dreamt and set my sights on an outpost adventure for the next century. Perhaps one day our paths will cross.

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Barbara Corcoran on Risk-Taking, Failure and How to Get Back Up

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