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If you print less than 150 pages per month, consider the HP 810 Deskjet: With fine print quality in black and white or color, it's fast, quiet, reliable, easy to set up and only $128, including shipping, from Its only downside is its preposterously small ink cartridge (it only holds three-quarters of an ounce!), which means you'll probably have to replace it every month or two at $25 a pop. HP is using the old strategy: Give away the razor, soak 'em on the blades.

If you print more than 150 pages per month, it's worth the extra $42 to get essentially the same printer, but with an ink cartridge that has twice the capacity. The HP model 830c costs $170, including shipping, from And if you print more than 400 black-and-white pages a month but don't give a fig about color, fork over $255 to for the NEC Superscript 870 laser printer. It's faster and, in the long run, more economical than an inkjet printer.

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