Procrastinator's Guide To Y2K Preparedness

Where To Start

First Things First

Even a hard-core procrastinator has time to back up his or her hard disk. That way, no matter what happens on January 1, 2000, you'll have all your files in original condition. It also protects you from any problems inadvertently created by your Y2K fixes.

You can get a 20 GB internal tape drive for $174 at Additional 20 GB cartridges are just $37.95 at Just in case, create a technology-free solution: Print out your most critical files.

In the few weeks left before 01/01/00, you may not have the time or money to fix or replace everything. Obviously, address your mission-critical items first. If you can't handle even those, consider temporarily farming out some, say, accounts receivable and payable.

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