Procrastinator's Guide To Y2K Preparedness

Other Precautions

Return To Sender

The Internet consists of millions of links, in an interconnected chain. If even a small fraction of those links aren't working--for example date-sensitive e-mail software used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)--significant problems can ensue. While an international task force of Internet engineers cautiously predicts that the Internet's major infrastructure will work in January, 2000, they raise the possibility that "mail and news group articles could be discarded, e-mail could build up on a mail server and be delayed and IP addresses may not be found. You might want to visit your own ISP's site to help you assess if you can count on your e-mail and Net access.

In case of you or other Entrepreneur are interested, here's the article from which I quote above:

Get It In Writing

Ask your suppliers how confident they are that, come January, you'll get your supplies on time and at the normal price. You might want to get their answers in writing. If you're not satisfied with their answers, line up replacement or backup suppliers.

Personally, I'm stocking up on a month's worth of the supplies that are mission-critical to my business.

Don't forget about other suppliers such as your accountant. If your accountant handles your billing, be sure his or her computers will be accurately cranking out those invoices in the new millennium.

Express Yourself

If you've done a good job of preparing for Y2K, let your customers know. It may build business or at least avoid losing it. Just don't over-promise--you may be asking for a lawsuit. While every business should craft a statement appropriate to its situation, here's a sample statement that a well-prepared SOHOer might make: "We've tested all our equipment and all appears to be Y2K-ready. We've also contacted our suppliers and they are confident we will have what we need come January." Obviously, the more you've prepared for Y2K, the more positive you can be.

It All Comes Down To Money

Know the reasons why you should do it, but don't know how you'll scrounge up the money to pay for this extra expense? Don't let a lack of funds stop you. The SBA is offering government-guaranteed "Y2K Action Loans." See for more information.

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