Procrastinator's Guide To Y2K Preparedness

Sample Y2K Plan

Make Your List...And Check It Twice

Here's a sample Y2K plan:

1. Back up your computer. Print out key files.

2. Assess the Y2K compliance of your hardware, software, data and other equipment with date-sensitive microchips. As needed, repair, replace or outsource. After you finish, test your entire system.

3. Assess your business' suppliers' Y2K- readiness. If necessary, find alternative sources.

4. Inform your customers of your Y2K- readiness. Also, assess their readiness and need for your products or services if there is an economic downturn. Should you adjust your menu of offerings?

5. Prepare your family and yourself. For starters, e-mail this article to them.

6. Stay informed by revisiting Y2K Web sites. New solutions are being developed every day.

Cross Your Fingers

No single article, especially one created for procrastinators, can give you all the information you need to fully prepare for Y2K. Every business is different-there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Indeed, no one knows for sure what will happen in Y2K. So think of this article as a start.

The good news is, just as when you put off doing that term paper until the last minute and still got a good grade from the clueless professor, it's not too late to cram for Y2K.

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